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Essentials for Your Winter Wardrobe

Posted on 10 July 2017

Well, winter has arrived in New Zealand and it is indeed freezing. And it is always unfair when your bed is warm and the floor around you is at the temperature of -100 degrees Celsius—even though the actual temperature is four degrees.

But, when the day starts to get a little warmer, then is the time to get out of bed and figure out what you’re going to wear. A winter wardrobe doesn’t just have to include a onesie or sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. Winter can be one of the most fashionable seasons if you do it right. And doing it right involves wearing Supra shoes in New Zealand.

Since Supra shoes have taken over our country and are sold in almost every retail store, it is time to find where the best store to get them from is located. Well, how about looking no further than Mt Maunganui, Botany Town Centre or online for all your Supra shoes needs?

All of the famous Supra shoes that you have come to love are now in stock at playernz.co.nz. Whether you prefer to shop in store or online, we have everything you need.

Playernz.co.nz’s stock of Supra shoes online include:

  • Flow Run: for $179.95
  • Skytop III: for $219.95
  • Scissor: for $179.95
  • Vaider: for $179.95
  • Vaider: for $199.95
  • Skytop V: for $249.95
  • Noiz: for $169.95
  • Bleeker: for $239.95
  • Skytop: for $229.95
  • Hammer Run: for $159.95
  • Skytop II: for $249.95
  • Skytop: for $159.95 SALE

These Supra shoes in Auckland are sure to add pizazz to your winter outfit.

Supra high tops have become a must-have shoe, specifically our Supra Skytop style. Because of its padded lining in the collar and tongue that provides extra support it isn’t hard to see why everyone in New Zealand have their eyes on them.

At playernz.co.nz we sell white, black, camo green, black and white stripes Supra Skytops to perfectly fit any outfit.

Don’t even get us started when it comes to our Supra Vaider stock. With their classic hardened rubber sole that gives you extra traction whether your skateboarding or strutting down the street, the Supra Vaider style will give you support and grip. The colors that we stock of Supra Vaiders are: white, and olive.

  • Our stock of Supra shoes in New Zealand also includes Bleeker. Our Bleeker collection comes in white, and since white is another color that matches with anything, it is a perfect fit for rolled up jeans or tucked in jeans.
  • Our Hammer Run Supra shoes come in the mix of colors black, tan and white. These would be a perfect pair to chino pants or dark denim jeans.
  • Our Noiz Supra shoes come in white, and grey. These shoes are also very comfortable and fashionable at the same time.
  • Our stock of Flow Run Supra shoes come in the mixed color of black, cream and white. Flow Run shoes have a cushioned mid sole, a fused toe wrap, an elastic fitted band and a protected hidden lacing which offers complete comfort and allows your feet to breathe.

And finally, our stock of Scissor Supra shoes come in the mix of colors, black and white speckle. These shoes are of lightweight and breathable materials. The shoe’s sole slopes to provide an immense amount of comfort and heel protection. By wearing a pair of our Supra shoes in Auckland located at playernz.co.nz, your outfit will be the most talked about outfit of this whole 2017 winter season. After all, winter only comes around once a year and its time to look fashionable.

Finding Supra shoes online and in store with playernz.co.nz is incredibly easy with us. Our large stock and great prices will be well suited for you. We believe that just because Supra shoes are famous and are wanted by every shoe wearer it does not have to mean that they need to be of unreasonable prices.

With our great prices of our Supra shoes (and our other stock), you can feel free to spend the rest of your hard earned money on blankets and pay for your Netflix subscriptions to continue watching your favorite shoes/movies, curled up with your blanket and your new pair of Supra shoes.

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