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History of Reebok Shoes

Posted on 17 July 2017

Reebok has been around ever since 1958. The well-known date and the well remembered company was established that very year. The name Reebok derived from an Afrikaans word for an African antelope.

Reebok is dedicated to all of their athletic customers by making comfortable shoes to make it an easy experience to do what they do best: be athletic. 

Although Reebok has had its ups and downs over the years they always manage to make their way back to the top. With their constant new styles, such as Reebok high tops, making a name for themselves in the fashion community, it is no wonder they are getting so popular again.

Where to buy Reebok shoes in Auckland?

There are many retail stores where you can buy Reebok shoes for men and women everywhere. One of these stores is located in Mt Maunganui and Botany Town Centre and is called playernz.co.nz. At playernz.co.nz you are open to their wide range of Reebok shoes. The following Reebok shoes that we sell are:

  • CL Leather -- $150.00 (comes in the colors pink, yellow, red/blue/white, red/navy/grey, blue/black/grey)
  • Fury Adapt -- $169.95 (comes in the color white/cream, black/white)
  • CL Leather Diamond -- $150.00 (comes in the color white and black)
  • Furylite Graphic -- $109.95 SALE (comes in the colors white and black)
  • CL Leather Gid -- $159.95 (comes in the color yellow/white)
  • Furylite BF -- $139.95 (comes in the color black)
  • Furylite Pop -- $89.99 SALE (comes in the color black/orange)
  • Furylite Asymmetrical -- $89.99 SALE (comes in the color grey/black/white)
  • Furylite Slip -- $99.99 SALE (comes in the color white)
  • Ventilator Adapt -- $120.00 (comes in the color blue)

One of the great things about Reebok shoes in New Zealand is the immense amount of high quality comfort that comes with it; the lightweight feel and the shoe’s massive amount of durability that will make you feel as if you’re running or walking on air with each step you take.

Reebok Shoes at Playernz.co.nz are perfect for athletic activities such as running, yoga, combat, training, dance and walking. And if you’re not into exercising, they’re also perfect for stuffing your face with donuts whilst looking fashionable. People passing you will just assume it is your cheat day. 

The reason why Reebok shoes in New Zealand have become so popular is because of the celebrities who have been wearing them. Because society has made us fall in love with every single celebrity that we see in the magazines stocked up at the supermarket while you’re waiting to buy your groceries, it’s only natural that we’d want to wear what they wear as well. It’s a scientifically proven fact that if you wear what your favorite celebrity wore, you’ll be the envy of all your friends and family, which is a dream come true in the fashion community.

For those who are running-maniacs, run with that wonderful lightweight feeling that’ll make you feel like you’re running on a cloud and for non-running-maniacs, Reebok high tops are perfect for just walking up and down your street with a slice of pizza in your hand. The person who invented cheat days deserve a knighthood.

Playernz.co.nz’s stock of Reebok shoes in Auckland are of immense high quality and are of low prices so you can be sure your bank account won’t be mad at you the next day.

So whether you are into running and you enjoy many more athletic things or your cheat day is everyday, you can still wear Reebok shoes in New Zealand. No one ever said you could only buy fitness gear if you were actually working out. If eating food is all about balance then why do they make salads so boring and junk food so decorative and addictive? Now that’s a good argument to flabbergast your athletic friends. 

Reeboks in New Zealand are perfect for every person in the fashion community, for those who are absolutely in love with running and taking care of their bodies and for the people who wouldn’t mind their description of death be “died while eating pizza but sporting a fabulous pair of Reebok shoes.”

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