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How to Get Your Hands on Rare Adidas Sneakers in NZ

Posted on 19 April 2017

Getting our hands on very rare sneakers are a mission and a half. Especially when most of them are sold out almost everywhere. And then when you’re about to grab onto that pair another person has already grabbed on to them and then it’s the tug-of-war game of your life. Sometimes, you may be beaten to it or you may just give up and hope they’ll come back in stock or that the brand will make more shoes similar to that.

Adidas sneakers in NZ have definitely become rare these days, due to their popularity. So finding out where the best place to buy them is absolutely one of the keys to footwear happiness. Adidas shoes are on of the biggest brands in the athletic community. Their running shoes are well known for their stylish exterior, and not to forget, comfortable interior. With their cloud-foam insoles that eliminate pain when you exercise or when you simply wear them just walking around the house, your feet are guaranteed comfort. 

Adidas first started way back in 1925 in Germany in a village called Herzogenaurach, where a young boy known as Adolph “Adi” Dassler. Adidas began small and was just being made for soccer shoes and running shoes at the time. Now, flash forward 92 years later, Adidas is currently the largest supplier of athletic shoes in Europe.

Adidas shoes in NZ have become so well known they are in almost every single shoe store on almost every single corner across the North and South Island. And it always seems to be that when a new style of shoe that Adidas brings out, it’s gone straight away. And unless you know people who work at Adidas or you’re long lost relatives with the creator of Adidas, Adolf Dassler, it’s going to be quite challenging to find those sneakers again.

One of the many reasons Adidas shoes in Auckland are so popular is because their shoes are perfectly styled for men, women, girls and boys all around the country. They have made such a massive addition to footwear history, staying at the #2 spot for best athletic footwear for many, many years. One of their styles, Supserstar, has been available for our enjoyment since 1969 and they’ve been featured on many video games, such as the infamous Grand Theft Auto. They’ve also been featured on one of Missy Elliot’s music videos and of course many beloved basketball players have been wearing them.

The great thing about running around in a pair of Adidas sneakers in NZ is that you don’t need to worry about whether or not the run will leave your feet aching afterward. Each stride you make and each time your feet embrace the pavement, it feels like you are running on air when you’re wearing Adidas shoes.

Where can I Find Rare Adidas Shoes in NZ?

If you’re struggling with finding your favorite style of Adidas sneakers but it seems that every single style is sold out, stop your fretting and check out a little store known as Player. Located in both Mt Maunganui and in Botany Town Centre, Player has been operative since 2002 and they have been helping their customers picking out their new summer wardrobe and helping them with shoe and hat purchases. Player sells many Adidas shoes at such great prices. Player’s prices for Adidas shoes range from $100 to $270.

What’s So Great About Player?

Player has a 100% customer-focused background. Their own company philosophy is: “customer service is our number one priority.”

And when you decide to purchase a pair of Adidas shoes in Auckland at Player—in store or online—you have the option of grabbing a range of cleaning products as well. The cleaning product brand that they sell is known as Crep.

Player sells different packages containing Crep products, such as:

  • Crep Pack 1: including buffer, cloth, shoe cleaner, resistance spray for $75
  • Crep Pack 2: including buffer, cleaning wipes, shoe cleaner, resistance spray, cloth for $105
  • Crep Pills: including 2 pills. Twist the capsule open and place it inside your shoe to get rid of that nasty smell that we all know far too well. This is for $30
  • Crep Cure: including buffer, cloth, shoe cleaner for $45
  • Crep Wipes: including 12 protector wipes $35
  • Crep Protector: including protector spray for $40

So if you see that old lady buying the shoes you swear you saw them first, don’t hold a grudge. Instead, head over to Player. Who knows, maybe you’ll pass her on the street and you’ll both be wearing the same thing. It’s a great ice breaker to mend what once was a sticky situation.

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