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Supra Shoes Comes Out with New Styles

Posted on 28 February 2017

One of the most popular shoe brands is Supras. Ever since 2006, Supra has taken over the world, and it has especially taken over New Zealand. We have Angel Cabada (the founder) to thank for this wonderful brand of shoes that everyone in New Zealand has fallen in love with the endless styles of Supra shoes.

Where "Supra" Comes From?

And, believe it or not, Supra just happens to be Latin for “above and beyond” so with popular celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Travis McCoy, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Joe Jonas, Jason Derulo, Jaden Smith, and Justin Bieber walking around Hollywood Boulevard wearing Supras we just can’t help but want Supra shoes in New Zealand.

The Latin meaning of Supra literally beckons us towards all those online stores. “Above and beyond” is the complete definition for Supra. What makes Supra so memorable is they keep bringing out new styles, for example their Skytop style that has Supra fans all over the world becoming frantic and entering stores with every chance they get.

Finding Supra Shoes in New Zealand

Trying to find a pair of Supra shoes online should not have to be the most difficult task at all. We online shop for a good reason: to stay at home to avoid the obnoxious crowds and to shop while in bed with a cup of tea. So, finding the best website to shop for the perfect pair of Supra shoes is a must.

The perfect website this is playernz.co.nz. Player has been around since 2002 and they have been stocking Supras ever since Supra made their grand appearance. And Player is as much of a fan of Supras as you are.

Player sells so many styles of Supra shoes in Auckland, prices ranging from $130 and upwards to $249.95 Because Supra is such a high quality and popular shoe you obviously would want to buy them from a place that has all the high quality shoe styles you want. Player is certainly the store for this reason: high quality and no catch-22s.

A Solution to Clean Your Supra Shoes

Another great reason Player is so great is they sell a product called Crep Cure, which cleans the leather of your shoes, especially your Supra ones. For making your shoes look brand new, a full pack of this leather cleaner will cost you just $39.95. There is also a Crep Protector for $34.95 and some Crep Wipes for $29.95. Cleaning leather suede has never been so cheap, so simple and so easy. Your shoes will do nothing but thank you for it. You will basically be taking them out for a day trip to the spa.

It seems that Supra shoes in New Zealand always come out with brand new styles all the time, and Player has them. The styles of Supra shoes Player sells are: Noiz, Bleeker, Skytop, Hammer Run (which is now on sale for $130 down from $159.95), Skytop II and Vaider. With all these styles comes a range of colors such as classic colors like: maroon, navy, khaki green, light grey, black and white stripes, and that especially classic white.

There are so many websites you can go to buy Supra shoes online but one that completely stands out is Player. With leather cleaners and decent prices and a bunch of Supra styles that all the top-list celebrities are walking around in, it is completely understandable that we all want them.

Supra shoes in Auckland have taken us by storm and, if you’re a skateboarder, Supra is the best type of shoe for you. And thanks to Player, you can get them right at your fingertips so you can get back on that board with your brand new comfy shoes, skating up a storm and making 360s all over that skate park. Thanks to Player, you’ll be the most popular skater out on that cemented pavement. So head over to playernz.co.nz now for your new shoes.

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