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The Revolution of Active Wear with the Uprising of Reebok Shoes

Posted on 13 April 2017

Ah the sweet sound of people getting up early in the morning before work, putting on their expensive running/gym clothes and shoving their feet into their also expensive running shoes is heard around New Zealand each and everyday.

A very popular brand that many runners have is Reebok. What a lot of people don’t know about the sweet sound of active people putting on their Reebok gear is that they have been around for an extremely long time.

Back in 1890—the year of puffed elbow-length sleeves, endless ribbon bows and top hat fashioned with spectacles—a man known as Joseph William Foster was one of the first to design a spiked running shoe. By 1895 he was making shoes by hand for the best runners in the area.

And in 1958, Joseph William Foster’s grandsons founded Reebok. And believe it or not, the name “Reebok” originated from a South African dictionary. The name is Afrikaans for the grey rhebok, a type of African antelope.

Reebok sneakers starting to become a huge hit when Paul Fireman, a shoe salesman, came across the shoe at a trade show in the late ‘70s. He took it to USA where it became very famous very quickly.

When reebok shoes came to New Zealand, they did indeed become popular and almost every shoe store had them in stock. You may be curious as to where you can find Reebok shoes in NZ. Let your curiosity come to a sudden halt and check out a little store called Player.  

If you’re looking specifically for Reebok shoes in Auckland, you can check out our shoes at the store located in Botany Town Centre. If you’re living outside of Auckland, they have a store in Mt Maunganui, or if you prefer online shopping, they have that option too

The Reebok sneakers styles that Player sells are:

  • CrossFit Nano 7.0
  • Print Run 2.0
  • Harmony Road
  • OG Lifter
  • All Terrain Super 3.0
  • CrossFit Speed TR
  • Ex-O-Fit Hi
  • JJ One
  • Print Smooth
  • NPC II
  • CloudRide DMX
  • All Terrain Freedom
  • CrossFit Nano Pump 3.0
  • Ultra 4.0
  • Pump Plus Camo
  • Workout TR 2.0
  • Instapump Fury CNY17
  • Classic Nylon
  • Classic Leather
  • Hayasu
  • Classic Leather MET
  • Diamond
  • CrossFit Grace
  • The Pump Izarre
  • Club C 85 Shades
  • Pump Plus Flame
  • Print Elite ULTK
  • Classic Nylon Slim Architect
  • Furylite Loom
  • Freestyle Hi
  • Aztec Garment and Gum


Some stores don’t sell Reebok shoes in Auckland anymore, which can be annoying when you’re looking really hard for that specific pair of shoes you want. But thankfully, Player sells what you’re looking for.

Cleaning your shoes is a must when it comes to looking fashionable. That’s what also makes Player so awesome. They sell a cleaning brand known as Crep and they have many deals for you.

They sell what’s known as Crep Pack 1, which includes a buffer, cloth, resistant spray and shoe cleaner for $75. They also sell a Crep Pack 2, which includes cleaning wipes, buffer, cloth, resistant spray and shoe cleaner for $105. If you’re looking for something more basic, you can get Crep Cure, including a buffer, cloth and shoe cleaner for $45. Or you can buy Crep Wipes for $35 or Crep Protector spray for $40. There is a little something new Player has just offered: Crep Pills. These big pills are to put in your shoe to get rid of the smell that we all get in our shoes (don’t be embarrassed, it’s a natural occurrence.)

Reebok shoes in New Zealand have come such a long way. We’ve been selling the same style of shoes that basketball players were wearing in the ‘80s. What has also made Reebok shoes so popular in New Zealand are because of all the celebrities that are wearing them. We have society to thank for making us so interested in celebrities’ lives and when we see them wearing something we then want to wear it. So we go crazy trying to find it at a cheap price. And Player knows this. The range of prices for Reebok shoes go for $90 to $170.

So when the morning comes and you realize you want new Reebok shoes to match your outfit, head on down to Player.

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